FAP: Creativity, Exploration, and Inspiration.

Italian-designed floor tiles and wall coverings, crafted with flair and dedication.

FAP Designers invest time in hands-on exploration of materials, employing both traditional craftsmanship and innovative materials to convey specific effects and emotions through tiles. This intricate and exhilarating artistic process is dedicated to fulfilling the desires of architects, project designers, and design enthusiasts. It forms the foundation of FAP’s modern craftsmanship approach, characterized by oversized formats and reimagined wall decor, uncovering the untapped potential of the third dimension tiles.

FAP collections draw inspiration from art, aesthetic exploration, colour, and material, guided by an innate understanding of the evolving world around us. This guides us in crafting an ambience that resonates with, welcomes, and evokes a sense of well-being for all who experience it.

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