Linvol Elevators and Escalators, a division of Midea Group specializing in HVAC & Building Technologies, is at the forefront of intelligent building solutions, offering extensive expertise in the development and implementation of elevator and escalator systems. Linvol is recognized for its advanced research facilities and technological innovation, boasting a CNAS-certified laboratory, a technology centre in Guangdong Province, a Guangdong engineering technology research centre, a key laboratory, and a postdoctoral workstation in Foshan. These facilities underscore its commitment to innovation, evidenced by its portfolio of over 120 patents.

Further cementing its industry authority, Linvol is an active member of China’s national elevator standardization technical committee, contributing significantly to the creation and refinement of 24 national standards. This involvement not only demonstrates Linvol’s dedication to elevating industry standards but also reinforces its position as a leader in the field of intelligent building solutions.

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