Aive: Experience the art of affordable luxury.

So Step into our Eden, where imagination knows no bounds.

In 2022, Aive embarked on a journey to design homes with affordable and luxury solutions. Aive’s aim was to remove cost as a barrier in exploring imagination and curated a collection of masterpieces of tiles and sanitary ware crafted by skilled artisans who find their inspiration in Eden. Aive range of sanitary ware encompasses heavenly hues and elegant shapes, offering both glamorous and minimalist perspectives. The exceptional durability of our products is a testament to their adherence to stringent international standards.

Aive porcelain tiles have gained widespread acclaim and recognition for their exceptional combination of visually captivating designs and remarkable durability, setting them apart as a preferred choice among discerning consumers seeking both aesthetic appeal and long-lasting performance in their tiling solutions.

Aive sanitary ware collection includes diverse options in finishes such as minimalistic black, lustrous gold and glistening chromium. Not only are they mesmerizing but also easy to maintain.

Aive’s collection of tiles and sanitary ware caters to everyone’s taste whether it is modern or vintage.


22 MB DHA, Phase 6
40-A, 1 block sector C2, College Road


Building No. 20-C, Lane 14 Shop 4 & 5 Bhukari Commercial, Phase 6 DHA


Opposite DHA 2 Main Gt Road


Main Ring Road


OPP. Eventurs Marquee, Main GT Road


Main Kashmir Road


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